Are you interested in getting student feedback on the course you will teach using the lessons learned from Connected Courses?

Do you want to change the conversation about student outcomes?

Esteemed co-learners: The connected courses team has put together a survey designed to gauge student engagement and connected learning experiences in the college courses you will be teaching. The survey would be conducted at the end of the course. It asks students to compare their experiences in your course with other courses they have taken. Responses will be anonymous. You can preview the survey here.

The survey measures student experiences that are tied to important life outcomes such as social connection, civic engagement, and overall thriving that are generally not measured through traditional skills and content-based measures.  It takes items from the National Survey of Student Engagement, so you will be able to compare some indicators of engagement with national US data and the data from your college (if applicable). The survey also includes items from a national longitudinal survey developed by the Connected Learning Research Network that looks more specifically at experiences related to social connection and sharing in a networked setting.

The survey should give you insight into how your students experienced some of the unique elements of a connected course, such as sharing with others online, developing new kinds of social connections, and engaging in meaningful dialogue and projects. If we can get enough faculty to participate in administering this survey, we also hope to be able to publicize results that make a case for the unique value of connected courses.

The survey will be administered by you at the end of your course by simply sending out this link to your students. The Connected Learning Research Network and the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub at the University of California, Irvine will manage the data collected by this effort. We will share the data from your course with you, and we will compile aggregated data across all the surveyed courses that we will also share with you and the public.

We would love to have you join this effort! Sign up to survey your students here or in the form below.

Mimi Ito, Vera Michalchik, Bill Penuel, and Amanda Wortman

Connected Learning Research Network