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SOAR Analysis: Make Strategic and Impactful Business Decisions

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads in your business, wondering which direction to take? You may have faced a tough decision, but you’re still determining which option will significantly impact your bottom line.  Making these types of de…

Testing Sidebar

Testing by dinesh The post Testing Sidebar appeared first on Crush The CPA Exam.

UWorld Roger Promo Codes

Let’s be real. Investing in a CPA review course is just that- an investment. So whether you’re considering Roger CPA review or other brands for any finance certifications you pursue, you’ll want to find exclusive deals. Or, at the very least, discount …

CIA Exam Pass Rates – How Hard Is It? test

Part of the reason why becoming CIA certified comes with such high acclaim is that it takes a great deal of knowledge and discipline in order to achieve this certification. It’s a key reason why businesses with so much value will trust the judgement of…

CMA Pass Rates

Learn everything you need to know about CMA pass rates and what you can do to increase your chances of passing on the first try. The post <strong>CMA Pass Rates</strong> appeared first on CPA Exam Guy.


Learn everything you need to know about the difference between CMA and CPA, what requirements you’ll need to meet, and how much you can earn. The post <strong>CMA vs. CPA</strong> appeared first on CPA Exam Guy.

How To Edit Background Graphics In PowerPoint

If you want to succeed in school or the workplace, mastering PowerPoint is necessary. Using visuals as a slide’s background will help you make eye-catching presentations. Changing the background on slides is a complex operation, especially if you…

How To Add Fonts To Google Slides

Fonts can affect trust, believability, and even individuals’ path to their objectives. You can feel different things when you read different fonts, just like when you listen to different kinds of music. Choosing the right font is essential when t…