Terry Elliott

Western Kentucky University
United States
Experience in online courses and tools

Lots of experience

Web Site: http://impedagogy.com/wp

I came to teaching later in my life after business and farming and other stuff. I teach composition and literature at a regional university in Kentucky, USA. I am also a MOOC facilitator and tech liaison for my local chapter of the National Writing Project. I am interested in mindful teaching practice, cMOOCs, tech pedagogy and connected learning as a classroom practice.

What connected/open course or courses are you teaching or plan to teach?
I am teaching a connected composition course right now. I want to make my Blackboard-driven course way more open.
Are you participating in connected courses as an individual or with a local group of learners?

I am participating in the NWP’s CLMOOC and the #ccourses MOOC as well this fall.

Would you like to connect with smaller groups over specific subjects?


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How do you prefer to be contacted by others with similar interests?
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