Maha Bali

American University in Cairo
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I’m a faculty developer & teacher educator, official title is Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt. I have a PhD in Education from the University of Sheffield and MEd in eLearning from there, too, but my undergrad was in Computer Science at AUC. I consider becoming a connected educator possibly the best thing that’s happened to my career 🙂
My research interests include higher ed, critical thinking, eLearning (esp. MOOCs, esp connectivist/connected ones), intercultural learning, community-based learning, citizenship. I’ve already published a few things on MOOCs and have a few things in the pipeline from #rhizo14 (the monstrous autoethnography)
My teaching is mostly ed tech for in-service teachers, and designing educational games as a co-taught module on Creativity for freshman undergrads.
I’m one of the founding facilitators of (@edcontexts), an editorial board member of the Journal of Pedagogic Development (@jpduob), and steering committee member of the 2015 Emerging Technologies for Online Learning (#et4online).
Oh, and I’ll always be proud that I’ve been included in the wonderful #ccourses facilitation team 🙂

What connected/open course or courses are you teaching or plan to teach?
Well, i'm now co-facilitating #ccourses and I am in process of planning a hack of the #tvsz game (that,s kinda like a mini-MOOC). What comes next is hazy but I would like to open up& connect lots of my other teaching experiences, whether they're for-credit courses or faculty development workshops, etc. I'd also love to do something for the Arab region in Arabic - currently considering something related to critical thinking and another related to empowering youth for civic action (two things i am working with others on, that i think can benefit from open/connected approaches)
Are you participating in connected courses as an individual or with a local group of learners?

Individual, i guess 🙂

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