Laura Gibbs
University of Oklahoma
United States
Experience in online courses and tools

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I have taught fully online courses in Folklore & Mythology and in Indian Epics since 2002. There is a strong emphasis in both courses on writing and sharing online, with student blogs (Blogger) and student websites (Google Sites). Both courses are part of my university General Education curriculum. I am interested in student writing, especially creative writing, and the repurposing of public domain materials and other forms of open content. I am also interested in the use of other kinds of social networking platforms, such as Twitter and Pinterest, to encourage student presence and connectedness in online courses.

What connected/open course or courses are you teaching or plan to teach?
I have taught two courses - "Mythology & Folklore" and "Indian Epics: Ramayana and Mahabharata" - fully online for over ten years. The classes have been evolving over that time as new online tools and resources become available. In Summer 2014 I created an "UnTextbook" for the Mythology & Folklore course, using appx. one hundred public domain sources to create an UnTextbook where students choose their own reading pathways. In Summer 2015 I hope to redo the content for my Indian Epics course using a similar model.
Are you participating in connected courses as an individual or with a local group of learners?

As an individual.

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