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Jeffrey M. Keefer, Ph.D., is a project manager in healthcare transformation and innovation in New York City, an Adjunct Instructor of Research Process and Methodology at New York University in the Management and Systems / Human Resource Management graduate programs, and an Adjunct Professor at Pace University where he instructs Teaching and Learning as a member of the Doctor of Nursing Practice faculty. He researches and works in the areas of distance and blended learning strategy and implementation, online community research and management, and social media process and integration. His PhD is in Educational Research (E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning) from Lancaster University in the UK.

What connected/open course or courses are you teaching or plan to teach?
I have never taught a connected or open course. All my teaching now seems to come through my adjunct work.
Are you participating in connected courses as an individual or with a local group of learners?

Individual. Why bring learners with me when I can meet new ones here?

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