Caroline Kuhn
Bath Spa University
United Kingdom
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I am an experienced math teacher. At the moment I am a PhD student at Bath Spa University in mathematics education. My areas on interests are math, creativity, technology, connectedness in different spaces (the mind, the outside, the tools, the people, the world). I am interested in how, through the process of designing and crafting a Personalised Learning Environment end-users will improve their digital and design literacy and in doing so they will be digital competent in the academic sphere. On the other hand I will be looking at what features a mathematics course should have so it promotes in students knowledge reinvention. How can the integration of historical aspects foster connections between the human and the science and amongst the different branches and topics in mathematics making it a meaningful whole instead of a set of disconnected and stiff rules that makes the learning uncanny for students but also for teachers.

What connected/open course or courses are you teaching or plan to teach?
At the moment I am joining the webpage and I will explore it in depth. I am interested in offering a course in personal learning environment and how to scaffold the process of designing and crafting it. On the other hand I am thinking and create a course in mathematics for dropout or students who could not finish school and need to learn math in order to finish ir or to accomplish another step in their life.
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