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Bill Benzon is an independent scholar whose career runs from cognitive science, through art, music, and the web. He published Beethoven’s Anvil: Music in Mind and Culture in 2001 and is on the scientific advisory board for the Institute of Music and Neurologic Function in New York City. Previously he was a Senior Scientist with MetaLogics, Inc., where he worked on knowledge representation and information design for web-based health services. Bill has taught in the Department of Language, Literature, and Communication at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has published scholarly articles, reviews, and technical reports on African-American music, literary analysis and theory, cultural evolution, cognition and brain theory, visual thinking, and technical communication. In conjunction with Richard Friedhoff he has written a book on computer graphics and image-processing entitled Visualization: The Second Computer Revolution.

These days I’m working on graffiti and on literature, in particular, the description of literary phenomena.

What connected/open course or courses are you teaching or plan to teach?
I expect to be running workshops on graffiti culture, on the one hand, and describing literary texts. Note that I have a great deal of online experience (two decades), but I've only taught one online course and that was two decades ago.
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