MATLAB For Power Electronics: Simulation & Analysis

  • Jignesh A Makwana

United States


Date(s) course is being taught
  • 5/2/2020

Free Simulation Files of All the Converters Included.

Learn how to simulate power electronics converters with the help of MATLAB software. It covers simulation of all basic converters including chopper (DC/DC), Inverter (DC/AC), Regulator (AC/AC) and phase controlled rectifier (AC/DC) Converter. It includes designing power circuit and control circuits both. It also covers how these simulations can be use for effective analysis and better understanding of power electronics circuits. It includes ready simulation files of more than 25 power electronics circuits.

Basic knowledge
Required MATLAB software to practice & learn
Required basic knowledge of electric circuit theory & electrical components(resistor, inductor and capacitor)
Basic knowledge of power electronics converters is required; however this course also covers basic operation of converters