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Pre-Course: Move-In, Orientation, Registration Why We Need a Why Trust and Network Fluency The Web: Concept, Platform, Culture(s) Diversity, Equity, Access About Co-Learning Putting it into Practice

TT2019/20 – NL01


TT2019/20 – CN01


PMP FAQs Answered by a Project Management Professional

As a PMP, your responsibility is to use the technical and situational knowledge you learned from your studying and apply it to execute projects successfully. Like any other project manager, your role may include creating and assembling project document…

Symbolic Interaction – Thematic Issue “Interaction and Organizations” #sssi #sociology #management

The latest issue of “Symbolic Interaction” includes a Thematic Section on “Interaction and Organizations”. The section includes the multi-award winning article “Connecting Practical Doings to Cultural Meanings” by Carley Geiss (@carleygeiss) as well as articles by Judson Everitt and Taylor Tefft, Andreas Blok (with Maria D. Lindstrøm, Marie L. Meilvang, Inge K. Pedersen), Katrina Kimport,…