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TCHUMA TCHATO 2016/17 – English

TT2016/17 – CN01

TCHUMA TCHATO 2016/17 – Português

Crowd Funding

Humanitarian Commission 2016/17 Source: Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding

Humanitarian Commission 2016/17

UAP 5524 – International Development

This semester, Bill Anderson will be teaching UAP 5524 International Development, which will replace UAP 5764G International Development Policy and Planning as the core class for the Graduate Certificate in Global Planning and International Development Studies. The syllabus for the class can be accessed here. UAP 5524 Course Description Concepts and practices in the field of […]

Modularised courses: The teacher becomes the student

The last time I enrolled an online university course (that wasn’t a MOOC) was in the late 90s. So it was with great anticipation that I recently enrolled in an […]

Ideas on Photography – Books to help with Critical Refection

Barrett, T (2011) “Criticizing Photography” McGraw-Hill Bate D.(2016) 2nd Ed “Photography (The Key Concepts)” Bloomsbury Clarke, G (1997) “The Photograph: A Visual and Cultural History” OUP