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5 Best CPE Courses for CPAs

When working as a CPA, you must meet state board based requirements for continuing professional education. But with so many courses to choose from, it can be tough to find which ones are the best. Everybody has a different set of skills and needs when …

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Brick, Concrete and Urban Space

View of London from the Shard flickr photo by Dogtrax shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license We’ve focused quite a bit on the outdoors for this month of exploration of spaces and feldgang variations. But outdoors does not mean woods and mountains. For this prompt, discover or rediscover a city or urban space. Document […]

Best PedalBoard Power Supplies

Finding the best guitar pedalboard power supply isn’t that easy. There are a ton of different guitar pedal power supplies that have different features and allows you to plug in multiple guitar effect pedals. Some power supplies are only meant to …

Best Metal Amps

Finding the best metal amps that will give you that heavy skull crushing sound isn’t easy. There are tons of combo amps for metal and tube amplifier heads that sound sick for metal music. The trick is to find the one that fits your sound and need…

Best Blues Guitars

Deciding on the best blues guitar with a soulful tone is harder than it should be. Great blues guitars come in hollowbody, archtop, and solid body guitar styles and they all have different sounds. More traditional hollowbody blues guitars like BB King&…

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

Finding the best acoustic guitar under $500 that is made of real tonewood and plays great isn’t easy. Not all acoustic guitars in the $500 price range play the same or have acoustic/electric pickups. They also vary in body shape and size. You wan…

Best Jazz Guitars

Finding the best jazz electric guitar or archtop guitar isn’t that easy. Great jazz guitars need to have crisp, clean sound with extreme playability, so you can handle all of those ridiculous jazz chords. That’s why archtop jazz guitars are…

Best Metal Guitars

Finding the best metal guitar that looks as brutal as it sounds can be challenging. There are a bunch of different heavy metal guitars that shred, but which one is right for you? You have to ask yourself, do you want an electric guitar with floating tr…

Best Electric Guitars Under $300

Picking the best electric guitar under $300 that plays great and will make you sound like a rockstar isn’t easy. Not all budget electric guitars in the $300 price range are made of solid tonewoods and have great electronics and pickups. Some less…

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

Picking the best acoustic guitar under $300 that has good tonewood and plays great can be difficult. Not all budget acoustic guitars in the $300 price range sound good, are playable, and are built to last. Some less expensive acoustic guitars don&#8217…

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Under $200

Finding the best cheap acoustic guitar under $200 with great tone that plays great isn’t that easy. Not every affordable acoustic guitar in the $200 price range is made of real tonewood with high-quality hardware. Some less expensive acoustic gui…

Best Cheap Electric Guitars Under $200

Finding the best cheap electric guitar under $200 that plays good and sounds great can be challenging. Not all affordable electric guitars in the $200 price range are made of quality materials. Some less expensive guitars will last you a lifetime and o…

Best Guitar Pedalboards

Finding the best guitar pedalboard or guitar effects pedal carry case to keep your stompboxes in isn’t that easy. There are tons of different pedal board options out there that have plenty of different features. The main thing is that you find so…

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: One Foot Squared

Zooming-1 flickr photo by mariajo12 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license Authors such as William Least Heat-Moon and Wallace Stegner have explored in their writing the idea of a Deep Map to explore a geographical area in writing. Deep Maps are conceptually designed to layer more than what the eye sees in the mapping […]

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: The Open Sky

Gold Medal Park [explored] flickr photo by A Brand New Minneapolis shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license Look up. The sky is its own canvas of wonder.  Imagine this: we all share the same sky, just different parts of it at different times of day. Your sky is part of my sky, and mine, […]

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Take a Learning Walk

  A learning walk can be different things (in schools, it sometimes refers to a walkabout into classrooms for observation). Here, we think of it in terms of closely observing nature. Think of it as a way to closely observe a small space you have taken for granted, by looking at it closer, with intention. […]

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Your Library is a Field of Wonder

Your public or school library is a treasure trove of beautiful things. You probably know that already. For this activity, go into your public library space and treat it like a field. What flowers do you see? What seeds are being planted? Where is the shade tree? Use metaphor, it helps, or maybe create a […]

5 Best CPE Resources for CPAs

Out of all the three-letter agencies that operate in the United States, one agency in particular generates the strongest feelings of paranoia. The post 5 Best CPE Resources for CPAs appeared first on Crush The CPA Exam (Pass on Your First Try!).

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Lift A Log or Roll a Stone

OLD TREES NEVER DIE THEY JUST GET RECYCLED [TREE STUMPS, DEAD TREES, ROTTEN TREES IN ST. ANNE’S PARK]-115020 flickr photo by infomatique shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license You may remember doing this kind of activity from when you were a kid. If you were this kind of kid. You probably were. Old, rotting […]

2019 International Development Studio

To keep the tradition alive, below are a few photos from the final student presentations in the 2019 International Development Planning Studio. This year, the proposals focused on projects in Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Indonesia, and Iran. The titles of the projects were as follows: Reducing Food Insecurity in Yobe, Adawama, and Borno, Nigeria (Steven […]