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Between among and between :P

I thought I had it right but the research has thrown a more subtle difference.Cheat Code Between      Is used for choices involving distinct, individual items even if there are more than two items Among Is used when th…

Why and How to Use Social Media to Create Meaningful Learning Assignments

I recently completed an online workshop through Online Learning Consortium (OLC) “Exploring Hashtags for Learning”.  We learned how to use hashtags, but also strategies to incorporate social media into activities and assignments to engage and involve students in meaningful learning. Following is the assignment I developed  (using Instagram) as part of the workshop, but first […]

To Affect or to Effect

Its been a while. I know. I will have to be more disciplined.Here you go. To Affect or to Effect.Cheat Code Affect Often used a verbTo change or influence Effect A nounSomething that happens due to a cause Examples Her moods affe…

Infinite Reciprocation: What to Do with the P22 Music Text Composition Generator

To George Station in particular and all other infinite gamers out there: here is one of those tools that is delightful but not sure what its function is. What do you do with it? P22 Music Text Composition Generator Kevin Hodgson did this with it: And I musitexted the Bill of Rights here: So, here … Continue reading Infinite Reciprocation: What to Do with…