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#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Take a Learning Walk

  A learning walk can be different things (in schools, it sometimes refers to a walkabout into classrooms for observation). Here, we think of it in terms of closely observing nature. Think of it as a way to closely observe a small space you have taken for granted, by looking at it closer, with intention. […]

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Your Library is a Field of Wonder

Your public or school library is a treasure trove of beautiful things. You probably know that already. For this activity, go into your public library space and treat it like a field. What flowers do you see? What seeds are being planted? Where is the shade tree? Use metaphor, it helps, or maybe create a […]

5 Best CPE Resources for CPAs

Out of all the three-letter agencies that operate in the United States, one agency in particular generates the strongest feelings of paranoia. The post 5 Best CPE Resources for CPAs appeared first on Crush The CPA Exam (Pass on Your First Try!).

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Lift A Log or Roll a Stone

OLD TREES NEVER DIE THEY JUST GET RECYCLED [TREE STUMPS, DEAD TREES, ROTTEN TREES IN ST. ANNE’S PARK]-115020 flickr photo by infomatique shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license You may remember doing this kind of activity from when you were a kid. If you were this kind of kid. You probably were. Old, rotting […]

2019 International Development Studio

To keep the tradition alive, below are a few photos from the final student presentations in the 2019 International Development Planning Studio. This year, the proposals focused on projects in Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Indonesia, and Iran. The titles of the projects were as follows: Reducing Food Insecurity in Yobe, Adawama, and Borno, Nigeria (Steven […]

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Explore A Single Object

(Saxophone Feldgang by Kevin) A single object, seen through different angles, is another way of seeing. For this activity, choose one object and then observe it from different perspectives — either visually or with writing or whatever inspires you. How do you see it different? How about those who are viewing your object through your […]

#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Mark Up Some Text

// While when we think of exploring the world, we think of the natural spaces. The outdoors. Not for this Daily Connect. (Maybe save this one for a rainy day? Maybe today is a rainy day!). For this assignment, grab some text you are reading — a book, a magazine, a website, a newspaper. Either […]

Databeers Málaga suma y sigue: periodismo de datos en El Balneario, como parte de la #dataJConf

El 1 y el 2 de julio se ha celebrado en Málaga la European Data and Computational Journalism Conference, con la Universidad de Málaga, a través del Departamento de Periodismo y de su directora y compañera mía Bella Palomo, como anfitriona. Yo misma he tenido la suerte de participar en el comité organizador local, y […] La entrada Databeers Málaga suma y sigue: periodismo…